How To Watch NESN Without Cable in 2023

Have you been hoping to watch NESN Without Cable subscription? If yes, then I totally understand your situation. The cable subscription can be really expensive for some people out there including me. But you need not worry about it.

Because there is good news for all those who want to stream Boston Bruins Games and Boston Red Sox LIVE on their TV without cable. 

This article on how to Watch NESN Without Cable will provide you with all the information you need on the channel’s accessibility and other aspects.

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How to Watch NESN Without Cable

How Can I Stream NESN Live Without Cable?

There are so many options when looking for alternatives to the cable connection that choosing one might be challenging.

Watching Boston Bruins Games and Boston Red Sox LIVE without cable is available through the NESN channel through the aforementioned streaming platforms without a cable subscription.

1. fuboTV

FuboTV, which is well recognized for offering more than 152 channels, has NESN among its offerings.

fuboTV Home Page

There hasn’t been a competition that offers such a wide assortment of channels. One of the best alternatives is the Pro plan on FuboTV. 

You can stream the content for your selected niche because there are plenty of channels to choose from. FuboTV offers a huge selection of news, entertainment, sports, and other channels.

You might also watch NESN without cable in that voluminous list of channels. 

Channel lineups available on fuboTV for England people in America:

Popular channels on FuboTV are:

  • NESN
  • NFL Network
  • SportsNet NY
  • Local NBC Sports
  • ABC
  • TNT
  • NBC
  • ESPN
  • NBA TV
  • Local FOX
  • ROOT Sports Northwest
  • AT&T SportsNet
  • FS1
  • CBS
  • MSG
  • TBS
  • Altitude Sports

Other sports channels:

  • Local Bally Sports
  • beIN Sports
  • Big Ten Network
  • NFL Network
  • ESPN
  • FS2

Different Plans of fuboTV are mentioned below:

Pro Plan Details:

  • Cost- $74.99 per month
  • Networks- 150+ channels
  • Cloud DVR- 1000 hour
  • Screen- 3

Elite Plan Details:

  • Cost- $84.99 per month
  • Networks- 210+ channels
  • Cloud DVR- 1000 hour
  • Screen- 3

Premier Plan Details:

  • Cost- $94.99 per month
  • Networks- 220+ channels
  • Cloud DVR- 1000 hour
  • Screen- 3

Supporting devices on FuboTV:

  • Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Google TV
  • Android TV

Take advantage of fuboTV’s 30-day free trial before beginning to pay the monthly membership fee. 


You can watch the NESN channel LIVE without cable with DirecTV Stream’s most affordable subscription package.


A wide range of networks, including NESN, ESPN2, FS1, FOX stations, and more are accessible through this website.

Even those on quite narrow budgets may readily purchase a DirecTV subscription thanks to the wide range of rates. 

The least costly DirecTV Stream plan costs USD 74.99, while the most expensive plan costs USD 154.99. There are four different categories of subscriptions.

Since our primary goal is to watch ESPN2 without cable, we just need to concentrate on the Entertainment Bundle. 

Entertainment Bundle:

  • Cost- $74.99
  • Networks- 75 + channels
  • On-demand- 40,000 titles
  • Cloud DVR- unlimited
  • Screens- 2

Popular Channel list on DirecTV Strea:

  • NESN
  • FS1
  • HGTV
  • CBS
  • ESPN2
  • A&E
  • ABC
  • FS1
  • Nickelodeon
  • NBC
  • FOX
  • TNT
  • ESPN

Supporting streaming devices for DirecTV Stream:

  • Fire TV
  • Android Smartphones
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • iPhones
  • iPads

With DirecTV, several technologies do not function. It’s conceivable that certain TV brands on the market won’t work with DIRECTV STREAM. You must confirm this before making any purchases. 

For a free five-day trial, you may decide if DirecTV Stream is appropriate for you. 

What are the most Popular Leagues available on the New England Sports Network?

New England Sports Network is a place where you can stream several sports and games. Something like everything all at once.

Below is the list of the most popular leagues available on the New England Sports Network. 

  • NHL
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • UFC
  • MLB

Does NESN Have a Streaming App?

Yes, NESN has a streaming mobile app where you can stream all the sports and games from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, or Android phone. 

The NESN 360 got its first LIVE streaming on June 1, 2022. You will be able to watch a variety of exclusive shows, games, and programs on NESN 360 including entire episodes.

The cost of NESN 360 is also quite reasonable given the number of shows and LIVE events provided. Costs for subscriptions are $29.99/month or $329.99/year

Do you know that you can stream High definition broadcasts of Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins Games on NESN 360? It is available for people residing in the New England area with an exception of Fairfield County, CT.

You can use the direct subscription through the website/app, or sign up for a streaming service to start streaming LIVE shows and much more. 

Supporting devices for NESN 360 are:

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Android Phones

For 4k HDR streaming, devices are:

  • Google TV 4K
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Amazon Fire TV

Can I Watch New England Patriot Games on NESN?

Unfortunately, you cannot watch New England Patriot Games on NESN. It is not even possible to watch NFL games on RSN. You can stream such games on-

  • Amazon Prime – Thursday Night Football
  • NBC – Sunday Night Football
  • ESPN – Monday Night Football 

But you will get news and commentary about the Patriots on the New England Sports Network.


Now, your doubts about how to watch NESN Without Cable have gone.

With 120+ LIVE channels broadcasting content from a variety of disciplines, including drama, sports, and entertainment, fuboTV is a fantastic alternative to cable connection.

You can easily access the New England Sports on the DirecTV stream as well, and stream Boston Red Sox. The NESN 360 application is also one of the feasible and affordable ways to stream NESN LIVE without cable. 

You must check for compatibility between your preferred streaming device and streaming platform because many couples are incompatible.

This might result in a dumb waste of time, money, and effort. So make a sensible decision!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch NESN on YouTube TV?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot watch NESN on YouTube. The collaboration between NESN and YouTube broke out on October 31, 2020, due to some unwanted disagreement.

Can I use the NESN app for streaming?

You can stream Red Sox games live using the NESN 360 app. Cable subscribers can access the app on Roku, Apple TV, and iOS devices. NESN games are available day and night for New Englanders. To activate, use a cable TV subscription or NESN 360 membership. The app can also be accessed with a DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV subscription.

Is NESN available on Hulu+ Live TV in real-time?

Unfortunately, no, NESN is not available on Hulu + LIVE TV. You can opt for streaming services like fuboTV or DirecTV STREAM to watch NESN without cable.

What is NESN National?

NESN National provides you with a different streaming service for those residing outside New England, where you get to watch the Red Sox and Bruins Games. If you are someone interested in sports and games related to New England and Boston, then you will find NESN National a perfect place where you will get all of these.

Can I watch Red Sox spring training games on NESN?

Yes, you can watch Red Sox spring training games on NESN. This channel provides everything related to the Rox Sox spring training games. You get to stream around 27 from a total of 32 games in the year 2023.

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