How To Join Pear Deck? | JoinPD.Com Login Full Guide (2023)

Do you know? Now you can transform a Pear Deck Session into an Assignment on By integrating Pear Deck with Schoology.

Similar to a standard Pear Deck presentation Session, your Schoology students don’t need any Join Code or Link to attend the Sessions.

In addition, Schoology offers the automatic storage of collected responses in your Sessions menu, which is able to be accessed by the Teacher Dashboard.

How To Join Pear Deck - JoinPD.Com Login Full Guide

How To Create a Pear Deck Assignment At

Let’s now explore the world of Pear Deck. If you want to integrate Pear Deck into Schoology, creating a Pear Deck assignment becomes a seamless process. Follow these step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your Pear Deck account at and access Schoology.
  2. Navigate to the desired course in Schoology.
  3. Click on “Add Materials” or the plus (+) button to create a new assignment.
  4. Choose “External Tool” from the options.
  5. Select Pear Deck from the list of available tools.
  6. Create a new Pear Deck Session within Schoology.
  7. Customize the assignment by adding interactive slides, questions, and multimedia elements.
  8. Save and publish the assignment in Schoology.
  9. Students can now access the Pear Deck assignment directly within Schoology without needing a separate join code or link.
  10. Monitor student responses and engagement through the Pear Deck Teacher Dashboard.

I wish now you have the beac knowledge to seamlessly integrate Pear Deck into Schoology and create engaging assignments for your students. Let’s dive into the depth of it and learn more capabilities of it.

How To Enable Students To Submit Their Assignments?

To enable students to submit their Pear Deck assignment, ensure that the Pear Deck session is in student-paced mode. Follow these steps:

  1. Students have to login into Schoology.
  2. They select your course.
  3. They open the Pear Deck Assignment, accessing the Student View of the Session. This allows them to navigate through slides and respond to interactive questions.
  4. Once they reach the end, students click on “Submit Work” to turn in the assignment.

1. Through Grade Your Assignment

Within Schoology, you have the ability to assess assignments based on completion and track individual students’ assignment status.

The Dashboard provides an overview of responses, allowing you to manually assign points in the Gradebook.

Additionally, Pear Deck enables you to evaluate individual responses, enhancing your assessment process.

2. Through Schoology

How To Enable Students To Submit Their Assignments Through Schoology
  1. Open Schoology and go to Gradebook.
  2. In Course Options, select Grades. Use the Schoology tools to customize your grading options.
  3. Go back to the Courses page, and click on the Assignment to open the Teacher Dashboard. Click on the slides in the Dashboard to see the individual responses with their names (if the Projector View is open, click on the 3-dots menu to open the Dashboard in a new tab).
    1. You can toggle back to the Gradebook to adjust point values.
    2. In the Dashboard, you can leave feedback for individual students with Pear Deck Teacher Feedback.

How Can Students Use Their Email Addresses To Join a Pear Deck Session?

To join a Pear Deck session as a student use an email address, there are a few different ways:

  1. Email invitation: If your teacher sends you an email invitation to join a Pear Deck session, you can simply click on the provided link in the email. It will direct you to the session where you can participate using your email address.
  2. Session code: Your teacher may provide you with a session code. Go to the Pear Deck website ( and click on “Join Session” or “Enter Session Code.” Enter the session code provided by your teacher and then input your email address to join the session.
  3. Google or Microsoft account: Pear Deck integrates with Google and Microsoft accounts. If your school uses Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, you can log in to your respective account and access the Pear Deck session through the integrated platform. Look for the Pear Deck icon or link within Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to join the session using your email address associated with the respective account.

Remember to use the email address provided by your school or the one associated with your educational institution when joining a Pear Deck session. This will ensure that you can seamlessly connect and participate in the session with your classmates and teacher.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining offers several benefits for educators who join the platform:

Benefitd Of Pear Deck (
  1. Professional development opportunities: provides access to a wide range of professional development resources, workshops, and courses. Educators can enhance their skills, stay updated on the latest teaching practices, and explore new instructional strategies.
  2. Collaboration and networking: By joining, educators can connect with a community of like-minded professionals. They can collaborate, share ideas, and learn from one another’s experiences. The platform fosters networking opportunities and facilitates the exchange of best practices.
  3. Customized learning paths: offers personalized learning paths based on educators’ needs and interests. The platform provides tailored recommendations for professional development activities, ensuring that educators can focus on areas relevant to their teaching goals and professional growth.
  4. Access to resources and materials: Educators can access a wealth of resources, including lesson plans, instructional materials, research articles, and educational tools. offers a curated collection of high-quality resources that can support educators in their teaching practices.
  5. Flexibility and convenience: allows educators to engage in professional development at their own pace and convenience. They can access resources and participate in learning activities anytime, anywhere, using their preferred devices.
  6. Tracking progress and earning certifications: The platform enables educators to track their progress and achievements as they engage in professional development activities. They can earn certifications and badges to showcase their expertise and dedication to professional growth.
  7. Support and guidance: provides support and guidance to educators throughout their professional development journey. They can receive assistance from experienced educators, ask questions, and seek advice on various educational topics.

Overall, offers a comprehensive platform for educators to enhance their skills, connect with peers, access valuable resources, and advance their professional development in a flexible and supportive environment.

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